Eye for An Eye

Eye for An Eye

Once there lived a prince. He lost one of his eyes. But now he was not a prince, he wandered here and there as a noble man.

One day he came to an Inn to stay for the night. He hired a room in the inn and stayed there in the night. As he liked the place very much he stayed there for days. The daughter of the Inn’s owner met him occasionally. She took pity on him and asked, how he had lost his eye. The noble man told her that once his father was a king of a country. When he was away to his cousin’s kingdom, one wicked minister cunningly killed his father and came to the throne. While he was returning back to his country, his men captured him on the way. The Minister ordered to take the left eye. “This was how I lost my one eye” he said in a low voice.

The daughter of the inn asked him, “why did the minister take your eye?” he said.

“The minister wanted to take revenge on me. It was also a separate story.” Said that prince.

He then continued, “In my young age, I was wandering with bow and arrows. When I was shooting, it had hit the minister’s left eye unexpectedly. So he lost his left eye and he was awaiting a suitable opportunity to revenge me. So he captured me when I returned to my kingdom. I begged for mercy and told that he did not blind his eye purposefully. But he didn’t listen to my words and blinded my left eye and sent me from the kingdom to the forest. I was wandering in the forest for many days. One day the animal hunters took pity on me and brought me here. Since then I have been staying here.” He finished.

The Inn owner’s daughter said, “Your life story touched my heart and this should not happen to any one. Then the noble man left the place and went on his way.

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