Hodja Suggests Remedy

Short Story - Hodja Suggests Remedy

One day Hodja met an acquaintance in the street.

The man looked worried and Hodja asked him what was troubling him.

“I have this terrible dream,” said the man. “Every night I dream there’s a monster hiding under the bed. When I get up and look there’s no one there. I can’t sleep afterwards. I am on my way to the doctor’s house now. He says he can cure me for a hundred dinars.”

“A hundred dinars!” exclaimed Hodja. “I can rid you of your problem for five!”

The man immediately took out 5 dinars and gave them to Hodja.

“Now tell me what to do,” said the man.

“The remedy is simple,” said Hodja, pocketing the money.

“Saw off the legs of the bed.”

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