How The Dog And The Hen Became Domestic Animals?

How The Dog And The Hen Became Domestic Animals?

There was a time when some birds and some animals lived in the sky. The Dog and the Hen lived there, too.

One day it was very cold and rainy in the sky. The birds asked the Dog to go down to the earth and bring some fire to make the sky warm.

The Dog went down and came to a man’s house. He saw many bones near the house. He began to eat the bones and forgot the birds and the fire.

The birds waited and waited for the Dog, but he did not come back. He decided to live with the man.

As it was still cold, the birds sent the Hen down to bring some fire.

The Hen went to a man’s house and saw some seeds near the house. She liked the seeds very much.

The Hen did not think about the fire, but ate up the seeds. And she decided to live with the man, too.

That’s why the birds and the animals do not like the dog and the hen. They left their friends in the cold for the sake of good food. Now you know how the dog and the hen became domestic animals.

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