I had a little pony.

Short Story - I had a little pony.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had a pony. She named her pony Dapple Grey. Dapple Grey was beautiful and lovely. She loved that pony very much to her heart. One day, a lady wanted to hire her pony. The little girl lent her pony to her. The lady rode away with the pony.

The next day, the lady returned with her pony. Her pony looked tired and battered. The lady had whipped and slashed him. The lady even rode him through the mire. The little girl was angry at the lady. But she was very sorry for her pony. The pony was in bad condition.

She said to her pony, “I will not lend you to her now…no matter how much she’s going to pay me.”

Moral of the story : If you care about your belongings, do not lend them to someone you hardly know. Lending what you love the most will endanger the safety of that.

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