Jack and Jill

Short Story - Jack and Jill

One evening, a boy called Jack and his sister called Jill went up a small hill near their house. They wanted to fetch a pail of water. But on their way down, Jack’s feet tripped over some roots. Jack fell down and broke the crown of his head. Jill, who was walking beside Jack, also fell and tumbled down the hill after him.

Jack was hurt but Jill was alright. She got up and helped Jack up to his feet. They went home as fast as they could. Jill helped Jack to mend his broken head using vinegar and brown paper. With the help of Jill, Jack was normalized and became mobile.

Moral of the story : Be careful in whatever you are doing. Otherwise you will be caught in troubles. If your friend is in trouble, you should help your friend in any way. A friend in deed is a friend indeed. You should be the first person to help your friends who are in troubles.

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