Little Boy Blue

Short Story - Little Boy Blue

One fine morning, Little Boy Blue’s father told him to watch over the sheep and the cow. The sheep were in the meadow while the cow was in the field. His father gave him a horn.

“Use this horn if you see the cow and the sheep going too far away,” said his father. Little Boy Blue nodded and took the horn. He went to sit by the haystack. After a few hours of watching the cow and the sheep, he grew sleepy. He did not know what happened to the sheep and the cow.

It was almost noon and so his father came to see him. He could not find him. Finally, he looked at the haystack. He found the little boy sleeping soundly. Afterwards, his father carried him home. His father taught him to be responsible for the works assigned to him.

Moral of the story : Be responsible to a task given to you.

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