One Two Three Four Five

Short Story - One Two Three Four Five

One fine morning, a little boy was having a picnic with his parents near a stream. The little boy brought a net. He wanted to catch a fish. He waded into the stream with his net in one hand. He went there to fish in the stream.

After a few hours in the stream, he went back to his parents.

“Did you catch any fish?” asked his father.

“Yes. But I let it go,” replied the little boy.

“Why did you let it go?” asked his father again.

“Because it bit my finger,” said the little boy.

“Which finger did it bite?” asked his mother.

“It bit my little finger on the right,” said the little boy holding up his right little finger.

Moral of the story : Be careful when doing something that is new to you. Otherwise you will be put into a dangerous condition.

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