She Sells Sea-shells

Short Story - She Sells Sea-shells

There was a poor girl called Shiela who lived by the beach. Her parents were very poor. So she decided to help her parents by selling sea-shells.

In the afternoon, Shiela went to search for sea-shells at the beach. She found many types of sea-shells. Some shells were round. Some shells were cone-shaped. She even found some strange-shaped shells.

She put up a small booth to display her sea-shells. She waited for some people to come and buy them. Later, a young lady came and bought her sea-shells to make a necklace. Then an old man came and bought her sea-shells as souvenirs for his wife. By evening, all of her sea-shells were sold off. Sheila was very happy.

Moral of the story : Always try to find ways to help yourself and others.

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