The Bird Doctor

Short Story - The Bird Doctor

Once there was a man who loved birds a lot. He made an aviary. It was a large cage in which the birds could live and even fly around inside. Everyday, the man would keep fresh grains, nuts and water for the birds.

One day, in the absence of the man, a clever cat dressed up as a doctor and went to the aviary.

There he called out, “Birds! My friends… open the door. I have come to check you up. Your master has sent me.”

The birds were intelligent enough to comprehend the tricky trap being laid by the wily cat. They said, “You are a cat and our arch enemy. We won’t open the door at all.”

“But friends, I am a doctor. I cannot harm you. And this is a professional visit.”

But the birds refused to open the door of the aviary. The cat went away defeated.

Then the birds chirped out loud, “Just like a leopard never changes its spots, we all know a cat never mends its ways.”

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