The Lion and The Ass

Short Story - The Lion and The Ass

The lion had decided to go hunting and had chosen the ass as his companion, for he had thought of a way to make use of its distinctive braying.

The silly ass was extremely proud at being chosen as the lion’s companion and with complete docility, he allowed the lion to dress him up in a cloak of leaves, thinking that this must be the correct hunting costume, whereas it was really only to be a disguise.

Following the lion’s instructions, the ass went and stood in the middle of a meadow. At the agreed moment, the ass began to bray loudly and the deer were so terrified by the din that they fled on the way. And a few of them finished in the great paws of the lion or rushed straight into his huge jaws.

When the hunt was finished, the ass was quick to claim the credit for the great success of their joint venture. The lion, however, interrupted him at once: ‘Be careful!’ he growled. ‘I might find that I have a taste for asses!’

The ass was wise enough not to press the point and left with his tail between his legs and nothing at all to show for his work.

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