The Missing Sweetmeat

Short Story - The Missing Sweetmeat

One fine day Divya woke her mother up and said, “Mummy it is so long since you made my favorite coconut barfi – please make it today!”

Mummy was in a good mood and so she smiled and said, “All right dear, I will keep it ready for you by the time you are back from school.”

Divya went to school with a big smile on her face and spent the entire day dreaming about the delicious coconut barfis.

Meanwhile that afternoon, her elder brother, Dhruv came home with his friends. Mummy had gone to the market and he found a plate full of freshly made barfis on the kitchen platform. He decided to give his friends a treat and within minutes the plate was empty!

Just then mummy rang up and told Dhruv to give Divya a barfi when she came back from school. Poor Dhruv how was he to know that the barfis were made especially for Divya? A naughty idea struck him and he left his pet frog on the plate and placed a lid over it. He left the house chuckling.

Divya got home in the evening, eagerly went into the kitchen and opened the plate. A pair of eyes glistened at her. Four-year-old Divya was shocked. She went to her mother and asked “Mummy, do barfis have eyes?”

“Certainly not”, said mummy “Go on and eat the barfis!” This time when she went and removed the lid, a frog jumped right at her! The poor little girl jumped back in fright and went crying to her mother. She told her mother about the frog who consoled her and waited for Dhruv to get back that night. When he came she took him to task and made him apologize to Divya. The next day mummy made some more coconut barfis and this time little Divya more than got her fill!!

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