The Scholarly Coachman

Short Story - The Scholarly Coachman

Mulla Nasruddin once took up a job as a coachman and one day he had to drive his employer to a disreputable part of the town.

“Keep your eyes open,” his employer advised him as he alighted from the coach at his destination. “This place is infested with thieves.”

Some time later the man thought of checking on his new employee.

“Is everything all right? What are you doing now?” he shouted from a window of the house he had gone into.

“I’m sitting here wondering what happens to a man’s lap when he gets up,” the Mulla shouted back.

A little later the employer again shouted from the window, “What are you doing now?!”

“I’m wondering what happens to a fist when the fingers are unclenched,” shouted Nasruddin.

His employer was impressed.

“My coachman is no ordinary fellow,” he boasted to his hosts. “He is a philosopher!”

Half an hour later he again poked his head out of the window and shouted, “What are you doing now?”

“I am wondering who stole the horses,” replied the Mulla.

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