The Trusting Shepherd

Short Story - The Trusting Shepherd

A shepherd used to take his flock of sheep to graze in a meadow. A wolf used to eye his fat sheep. He wanted to eat them. So he made a plan.

One day he went to the shepherd and spoke to him in a soft voice. But the shepherd knew that the wolf could harm his flock. So he was very cautious. The cunning wolf slowly took him into confidence and soon they became friends. Meanwhile, the wolf with great difficulty, controlled his urge to attack the sheep that roamed near him. The shepherd started trusting the wolf.

One day the shepherd had to return to the village in haste. He left the flock of sheep in the care of his friend the wolf. The wolf had waited patiently for such a chance for many weeks now. As soon as the shepherd left, the wolf pounced on the sheep. He ate up most of them. The shepherd returned and saw the remains of his flock. He realized that the wicked wolf had betrayed him. He cried out in sorrow for trusting the cruel wolf.

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