Zubair and The Barber

Zubair and The Barber

Once there was a rich man named Zubair. He was a merchant also. He traveled from one place to another and sold the goods in the market. One day he met a beautiful girl in the market. Amazed by her graceful appearance “She is noble by birth” he thought for himself and wanted to marry her also.

Suddenly she disappeared in the crowd. So he could not talk to her. Zubair returned home with sorrow. But her beauty haunted him. He told all about the incident to the old maid in his house. He told about her beauty and asked to know more about her soon. She assured him that she could get all the information about her and also, she would fix up a meeting with her also. She knew that she was the daughter of a Wazir.

The very next day the old maid said to Zubair that at noon that day he could meet the girl. “The Wazir will go out on some work,” She said.

Zubair was very happy. He called the Barber to shave his face and made his face fine. The servants brought the barber before him. But the barber declined to shave his face because that day was not an auspicious one. He shouted at the barber in anger, “you do your job and leave from here. I have a very important appointment. I didn’t ask any advice from you,” he said.

But the barber again said, “You are going to meet a girl who is very beautiful”. He also said, “You want to impress her with your good look.

On hearing the words, Zubair got upset and asked the barber to shave his face without further delay. Again the barber gave an idea to take him along with Zubair to meet the girl, so that he could help Zubair to win the girl. Zubair agreed to the request made by the barber without any delay as he was eager to meet the maiden. After his acceptance the barber shaved his face. Both went to the Wazir’s house. When they reached the house, it was late noon.

Zubair with anxiety asked the barber to wait outside the house. The barber replied that he would manage the girl if she got angry on Zubair.

Zubair warned the barber “you care yourself outside the house”.

He entered the house slowly with searching eyes. He didn’t see the girl inside the house. To his bad luck, the Wazir came back to his house and found the door open. Zubair quickly hid himself behind the door. He called the servants and shouted at them for their carelessness. The barber heard the noise and thought that Zubair was in trouble. So he rushed into the house and said, “Master, Are you fine!”

Wazir saw the barber and asked him which master he meant.

The barber replied, “My master Zubair who came in just then. He was in panic. Zubair heard all that happened. He knew he was in great trouble. He wanted to escape. So he jumped through a window and saved his life from the Wazir. He felt shame and got angry on the barber. He vowed not to see the barber again because he was the person who spoilt the visit. But the Barber was happy.

As the barber predicted, it was not an auspicious day for Zubair.

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